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A weekend in the Big Apple

Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island: What you need to know before you go Statue Cruises, Lady Liberty New York has long held a special place in my heart. As a young child from the midwest growing up in a small town, New York was a place of possibilities. Later, as an...

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Hi! Welcome to Delicious to Me! We are a fun loving family who is always looking for an adventure! One might even say we were born with the travel bug! Many of our favorite memories have been on trips, whether close or far, there is just something about getting away from the stresses of life and embracing new cultures, seeing new things, and discovering the world around! We want to share with you what we have learned so you too can have a delicious day!

Discover Beautiful Oahu

Whether you are a surfer (or wakeboarder) at heart like this guy ——-> or you love to just relax on the beach, Oahu will not disapoint!

Hawaii! What can I say? From the time I was in middle school and one of my friends went there on vacation I have dreamt of sunsets on the beach, swimming with dolphins, and pineapple juice fountains. Although I never did get to swim with dolphins and am still unsure whether pineapple juice fountains are even a real thing, I did find ultimate joy eating pineapple Dole whip’s and Smore’s fro yo on the beach! I’m pretty sure half of our money was spent on some delicious treat or another! 

But the real treat is in the natural beauty! The gorgeous lush landscape combined with the sandy, warm beaches bring people back over and over again! 

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